I spent 2006 filming a series of eight gardening/entertainment shows for BBC2, Digging Deep, which were aired from October to December. I designed the gardens and co-presented the shows.

Each week showed the transformation of a garden from (usually) grim chaos to something fabulous. The gardens had been badly neglected for various reasons, time restraints, illness, growing families - a complicated mixture .... we all tried our best to make gardens which would be easy to maintain, whilst giving everyone somewhere wonderful to relax in, to simply be....

It was a crazy, hectic, agonisingly hard, busy busy and totally rewarding project. The gardens really were made in a matter of days, believe it. The budget for each garden was about £4,000 which in some cases was pretty hard to stick to, mostly because of the hard-landscaping requirements, but we more or less managed.

Here are a few photographs from the shows which I hope you watched and enjoyed - more photos and notes to come . . .

A Carer's Jungle

A Traveller's retreat

A garden for the whole family - something for everyone